MGA Licensing System

The MGA Licensing System to Control Tech Companies within iGaming should be replicated to more general tech niches

A very important branch of technology companies is connected with online casinos, and it is this sector that worries the industry the most. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of online gambling, especially with the social distancing that occurred in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, when people were not allowed to leave their homes and many found in online casinos a distraction that they could share virtually with family and friends.

Nevertheless, the unexpected popularity of this sector brought with it a wave of scammers, who have created illicit websites falsifying official licenses to take advantage of both new players and those seeking for new experiences in casino games.

Online casinos and vulnerability to fraud

Today, in many countries online casinos cannot operate completely legally, as the laws are not clear. This makes the casino gaming industry unable to control its image, as it becomes very difficult to prevent fraudulent websites from appearing on the market.

Organizations like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) constantly release statements on why licensing for new casinos are so important, since they themselves have found dozens of sites that falsify their license, harming hundreds of novice users on the internet.

Why licencing gaming sites is the only solution to fight scammers

When the casino gaming industry finally gets a regulated situation in all countries around the world, then it will be possible to offer greater protection to the registered users in gaming platforms.

The entities in charge of regulating online games in each country may offer official lists that the population can verify when checking whether a casino has an official license or not. By offering information to the public on which casino may or may not be safe, players are being educated to be responsible for their cyber security as well.

For its part, the MGA has communicated to the press the next publication of their revised guidelines, in which they undertake to constantly monitor new casinos and prevent them from continuing to exercise their services with false licenses. Likewise, from time to time they will audit the casinos that have already been approved to make sure that they are operating correctly, and providing the deserved attention to the users.

The future of the tech industry in gaming

The technology industry grows with each new day, a positive fact both for the economy of each country and for new generations to develop a career within the sector, such as the case for designers and creatives. For every country around the world, industries that offer new jobs positions will always be welcome, and gaming is one of them. So if the legal status is finally regulated, the online gaming industry has a lot to offer. It is for this reason that it is considered of utmost importance to start with licensing so that a great step can be taken to clean the image of the industry and thus continue to grow.

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